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  • Video about a tool called for analyzing website structures.
    - Hosted by Tim Davis, discussing Joomla-related content.
    - Presented on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel.
    - Sponsored by for a free Joomla site audit.
    - Mention of a coupon code "basic" for a free month subscription.
    - Introduction to as a tool to analyze website technologies.
    - Users can register a free account for 10 website scans.
    - Demonstrates scanning a Joomla website using
    - Information about the technology profile, including URI usage and analytics.
    - Detailed breakdown of technologies used, including fonts, CDNs, frameworks, etc.
    - Mention of changing copyright year and other insights.
    - Explanation of metadata, relationship, and redirect profiles.
    - Notable feature: IP address history and shared IPs with other sites.
    - Mention of company profile issues and potential solutions.
    - Encouragement to explore for insights and ideas.
    - No specific tips provided, but suggested as a useful tool for Joomla site management.
    - Call to action to subscribe, like, and engage with the channel.
    - Ending with suggestions to watch related videos and enjoy working on Joomla sites.

Monday Maintenance 196


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