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00:00 Introduction and Sponsor Message

00:31 Introduction to

01:00 Using to Analyze Websites

01:32 Technology Profile Overview

02:04 Detailed Technology Profile

03:12 Insights from Metadata Profile

03:52 Subdomains and Related Sites

04:23 Relationship Profile and IP History

04:55 Redirect Profile and Company Profile Issues

05:25 Issues with Company Profile Lookup

05:56 Conclusion and Call to Action




Introduction: Tim Davis introduces as a tool to analyze website technologies. Overview: Discusses the features and capabilities of for website scans.

Technology Profile: Reviews the technologies used on his Joomla site, including server details and security settings.

Detailed Technology Profile: Explores deeper insights such as JavaScript frameworks and hosting providers.

Metadata Profile: Notes the absence of detailed metadata setup and potential implications.

Relationship Profile: Examines tag history, IP address changes, and server sharing details.

Redirect Profile: Covers issues and data availability related to redirects.

Company Profile: Highlights the absence of company profile data and reasons for the issue.

Issues with Lookup: Discusses possible reasons for the lack of company profile information.

Conclusion: Encourages viewers to explore for insights and updates on Joomla site technologies.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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