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If you still struggling with bots creating accounts on your Joomla site this "Pre Registration Email Validation" plugin for Joomla might be just the thing you are looking for.




- Video discusses a plugin for Joomla pre-registration email validation to prevent spam bots.
- Demonstrator encounters issues with live stream timing.
- Plugin aims to eliminate spam bots, adds confirmation code sent via email.
- Plugin called "Pre-registration Email Validation for Joomla."
- Demonstrator provides steps to obtain and install the plugin.
- Demonstrator discusses possible issues with Google's reCAPTCHA and invisible reCAPTCHA.
- Demonstrator highlights the extra step of entering a confirmation code.
- Plugin is suggested as a solution for preventing bot-created accounts.
- Demonstrator mentions considerations for user experience and workflow.
- Demonstrator interacts with viewers in chat and responds to comments.
- Demonstrator demonstrates email validation process with on-screen steps.
- Demonstrator shows email with validation code and entering it for registration.
- Demonstrator discusses modifying language and text of the plugin.
- Demonstrator demonstrates editing the language file and discusses improving verbiage.
- Video ends with remarks, thanking viewers for tuning in.

Please note that the provided transcript is quite lengthy, so the bullet points offer a condensed overview of the main points and actions discussed in the video.

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