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Check out this editor button for Joomla that inserts the output from CHATGPT right into a Joomla article you are editing!

Monday Maintenance 251

 - Free CHATGPT Editor Button for Joomla
- A new tool demonstrated in "Maintenance Money #251" video on YouTube by Tim Davis
- The tool allows putting CHATGPT output directly into Joomla articles
- Developed by Rick Spawn from after seeing Tim play with CHATGPT on a live stream
- Instructions to obtain and install the editor button:
- Go to r2h's GitHub page and download the zip file
- Install the package file in Joomla's system plugins
- Obtain an API key from
- Paste the API key in the plugin settings
- Select "text DaVinci 03" for the model and set temperature to 0.5
- Demonstration of using the CHATGPT editor button in an article
- A fun addition using the "Sourcerer" plugin from Regular Labs to insert custom JavaScript
- Code a running clock using CHATGPT-generated JavaScript
- Disclaimer: Inserting code directly may not be secure, as Tim is not a coder, and could result in mistakes or issues


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