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If you are getting the HTTP Error 500 White Screen of Death when trying to log into your #Joomla back end administrator area all is not lost. But the solution to getting better clues to what needs to be fixed or adjusted on your install lies in the file manager access your web hosting account offers and a behind the scenes change to your Joomla configuration.php file.

How to change the error reporting level of your Joomla site by editing your configuration.php file is what today's Maintenance Monday Live Stream is all about.


 - Video aims to help users diagnose and resolve HTTP ERROR 500 (white screen of death) during Joomla administrator login.
- Tim Davis presents the video as part of the Maintenance Monday live stream #068 on YouTube.
- Announcement about a new price and monthly giveaway from JoomDev, involving a three-month template Club membership and a 50% coupon code.
- Discussion about recent technical issues faced during the live stream setup on YouTube.
- Focus shifts to solving the HTTP ERROR 500 issue caused by PHP updates, particularly with versions 7.0 and 7.1.
- Explains how to enable better error reporting by editing the configuration.php file in Joomla.
- Demonstrates the process of changing error reporting from "none" to "development" in the configuration.php file.
- Recommends refreshing the page after making the change to see more detailed error information.
- Advises users to look for problematic files or extensions causing the issue and suggests updating outdated templates/extensions.
- Mentions the possibility of smaller errors that may not crash the site but could be fixed using the error reporting method.
- Talks about potential upcoming tutorials related to fixing different white screen of death errors.
- Announces upcoming events and live streams related to Joomla and extensions.
- Briefly discusses the process of using OBS for live streaming and the challenges faced during a recent Facebook live stream.
- Mention of a fundraiser related to Zimbabwean money and its use for supporting refugees and persecuted Christians.
- Provides a link to the "Be a Billionaire Fundraiser."
- Discusses the collaborative YouTube playlist "All Together" where users can add their own Joomla tutorials for visibility.
- Various videos from the creator and other contributors are shown in the playlist.


Monday Maintenance 068


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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