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When you have new people create a profile on your #Joomla site, it is a security concern for them (plus it may just bug them) if you include their password in clear text in the welcome email you send them. It is better to not send them the password. After all, they've just chosen it anyway. How to turn off sending Joomla passwords in welcome emails is what today's Maintenance Monday is about.




  • The title of the video is "Avoid Sending Joomla User Passwords in Clear Text 🛠 Maintenance Monday Live Stream #021 - YouTube."
    - The video discusses the importance of not sending user passwords in clear text in welcome emails.
    - The speaker shares a personal experience of receiving a welcome email with their password in plain text.
    - The video promotes a monthly giveaway with two prizes: a membership with and a choice of any Regular Labs extension.
    - Instructions are provided on how to change the Joomla site settings to not send passwords in clear text.
    - The speaker demonstrates the process of creating a new account without receiving the password in clear text.
    - The video concludes by thanking viewers for their support and encourages them to enter the giveaway.

Monday Maintenance 021


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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