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Join us as Yannick Gaultier introduces us to his new Joomla Podcast extension: 4podcast.


  • The title of the content is "Intro to 4Podcast with Yannick Gaultier - WMW 190 - YouTube."
    - The content appears to be a transcript of a conversation between Yannick Gaultier and Tim Davis, discussing the "4Podcast" extension for Joomla websites.
    - Yannick Gaultier is the creator of the extension and is demonstrating how it works.
    - They talk about the idea of turning a blog into a podcast to reach a wider audience.
    - The extension allows users to create podcasts within Joomla websites.
    - It provides a custom field group for podcast information.
    - Yannick demonstrates the process of setting up a podcast within Joomla, including creating a custom field, assigning it to a category, and adding an episode/article.
    - The extension simplifies the process of podcast creation and integration with platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.
    - It is emphasized that the extension works with regular Joomla articles, making it easy to style and manage.
    - The goal is to expose Joomla website content to a larger audience through podcasting.
    - There is a mention of Joomla Day USA, which Yannick may attend remotely or in person.
    - The conversation includes technical details about setting up the extension, but the main focus is on the ease of use and benefits of using "4Podcast" within Joomla websites.


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