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JD "Wullerton" Admin Bar for Joomla will greatly streamline your administrator workflow in Joomla! Here are some links mentioned in this stream:



 - Video title: "Use JD 'Wullerton' Admin Bar for Joomla 🛠 MM Live Stream #136 - YouTube"
- The video discusses the new JD Wullerton Admin Bar for Joomla.
- Tim Davis, a Joomla fan, presents the video for Maintenance Monday #136.
- There was a technical glitch causing a delay in going live.
- Tim encourages viewers to confirm if the stream is live in the chat.
- The Admin Bar is from JD (Jim Dev) and aims to streamline Joomla workflows.
- Tim provides a link to download the JD Admin Bar plugin from JD's website.
- He demonstrates how to install the plugin through Joomla's extension manager.
- Tim explains how to enable the plugin in the Joomla backend.
- The Admin Bar allows quick access to editing pages, articles, modules, and more.
- Tim mentions the JD Admin Bar's connection to a Canadian Easter Egg.
- He shows how super users can edit articles and manage content from the frontend.
- Tim demonstrates shared sessions between backend and frontend login.
- He explores different features of the JD Admin Bar, like editing and managing content.
- Tim shares a reminder about the presence of unpublished articles when logged in.
- The video ends with Tim discussing current events, his health, and audience interaction.
- He promotes subscribing to the channel for future updates.
- Tim mentions a future plugin idea and invites discussion from viewers.
- He provides links to visit different websites mentioned in the video.
- Tim concludes by inviting viewers to an upcoming live stream and expresses excitement about the new Admin Bar.
- The video description may contain additional details about links and resources.

 Monday Maintenance 136


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Here are some of the links mentioned in this Live Stream - and some others:

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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