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SEOInfo is a free browser extension from Weeblr for Chrome and FireFox. What does SEOInfo do? Here's a description right from their site: A nearly full list can be found on this page of the documentation but there are mostly 2 things I wanted to achieve: - Get alerts on SEO-related issue while navigating pages of a website, without having to click on something or do anything at all - When needed, click a button to get a/ full information about the current page and b/ even more checks and validation at a click of a button Follow along by installing the extension:

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  • Video discusses a browser extension for evaluating SEO on Joomla sites.
    - Hosted by Tim Davis, titled "Us SEOInfo Browser Extension to Evaluate your Joomla Site 🛠 MM Live Stream #110 - YouTube".
    - Announcement about hitting 1500 subscribers on the channel.
    - Winners announced for August and September giveaways (Tom and Mary).
    - Introducing a browser extension called "SEO Info" by "We Blur" (related to sh404sef).
    - Extension provides SEO insights and evaluation for Joomla sites.
    - Extension available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.
    - Demonstrates installation process by adding the extension to Chrome.
    - Demonstrates the extension's features by analyzing a Joomla site's SEO.
    - Provides details about various SEO elements like loading time, status, title, language, etc.
    - Discusses Open Graph tags, Twitter cards, meta keywords, and other information.
    - Shows structured data errors and warnings.
    - Offers the ability to validate and check various aspects of the page.
    - Highlights the usefulness of the extension for reviewing and improving SEO.
    - Mention of a new server for the "" website.
    - Updates about the channel's progress and milestones.
    - Mention of attending a Home Show and networking for potential clients.
    - Host encourages viewers to ask questions and share their projects.
    - Ends with a discussion about recent posts on the Joomla Extensions page.

Monday Maintenance 110


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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