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If you have a file type not currently set to be allowed to in Joomla's media manager, this video will sho you how to add it - using the file format .webp as an example. This is also the solution to fix the "This File Type is not Supported" error message in the Jooml media manager - and maybe other places too!




  • The video explains how to add a new file type to Joomla's media manager, specifically focusing on adding the "webp" image format.
    - The tutorial is part of the "Maintenance Monday" series (#188) on the "Basic Joomla Tutorials" YouTube channel, presented by Tim Davis.
    - The video begins with a brief introduction and mention of the rarity of needing to add new file types to the media manager.
    - The presenter highlights that this method can also be applied to other file types beyond "webp."
    - The video is sponsored by, offering a free site audit for Joomla sites and tools for efficient site management. A discount coupon code is provided.
    - Steps to add a file type:
    1. Access the media manager through the "Content" menu.
    2. In the media manager, open "Options."
    3. Add the new file type in three places:
    - Legal Extension Type File Types: Add "w-e-b-p" (or "W-E-B-P" in all caps) separated by commas.
    - Legal Image Extensions: Add "w-e-b-p" (without all caps) separated by commas.
    - Legal Mime Types: Add "image/webp" (file type and mime type) separated by commas.
    4. Save and close the options.
    5. Upload a file of the new type (e.g., a "webp" image).
    - The presenter demonstrates the process using a Joomla3 installation and shows the successful upload of a "webp" image.
    - The presenter notes that "webp" may not be compatible with all browsers and mentions an alternative method for responsive images.
    - Pro tips:
    - A link to a list of mime types for various files is provided for reference.
    - The "och responsive images" method is recommended for handling "webp" images.
    - The video concludes with a summary of the steps and an invitation to subscribe to the channel.

Monday Maintenance 188


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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