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In this video we talk about ads on websites as while I ad some ads to my website! I start with a very basic approach by using a custom module, and image and a link, and then we take a bit of a dive into Joomla's core Banner system. Along the way, find something broken on my site with the media manager, but in the end I use a simple workaround to do what I need to do.


  • The video is about adding ads to a Joomla website.
    - The speaker is a Joomla enthusiast named Tim Davis.
    - Tim discusses his experience with ads on websites and mentions Google Ads.
    - He talks about the annoyance of ads and the use of ad blockers.
    - Tim mentions that he will add ads to his website and explains the importance of having clickable content to make money.
    - The video is sponsored by, a Joomla site management tool.
    - Tim mentions using sponsorship money to hire a video editor.
    - He plans to add ads from a cryptocurrency website to his site.
    - Tim shows the process of adding an ad image and a referral link to his Joomla site.
    - He discusses the advantages of using image-based ads without external scripts.
    - Tim demonstrates how to resize the ad image and create a clickable link.
    - He briefly mentions tracking impressions and managing ads using Joomla extensions.
    - A viewer suggests using Joomla's built-in advertisement feature for tracking views and clicks.
    - Tim considers implementing this feature on his website and discusses Google AdSense on another website.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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