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I had a client who wanted their users to be able to click on an image inside of a Phoca Gallery and have a Vimeo hosted video open instead. Using ReReplacer from Regular Labs, I was able to create a "tweak" to make that happen. In this video I show what I did to make that tweak. It's not the most elegant solution, but it works well enough for what my client wanted to accomplish, which was allowing the seniors who use his site to access images and video with an extension they already used: Phoca Gallery, which is for images - not videos.


  • The video is about tweaking Phoca Gallery in Joomla to include video links.
    - The speaker is Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast.
    - Tim mentions his channel sponsor,, for Joomla site management tools.
    - Tim discusses plans for upcoming live streams and Christmas.
    - He introduces a client, the Federal Retirees of Victoria, and their Joomla site.
    - Tim explains how he made a tweak to Phoca Gallery to include video links within photo galleries.
    - He uses the Joomla extension "ReReplacer" to find and replace specific code to create video links.
    - The tweak allows users to click on images within the gallery to watch videos.
    - Tim demonstrates how to find the code to replace and create video links.
    - He also mentions using the "All Video" plugin for other gallery options.
    - The solution helps keep the site simple for the client's older members.
    - Tim shares that the client was pleased with the solution as it allows them to use the site as they are used to.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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