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If you ever need to move a bunch of your users from one user group to another, or require more than one of them to pick a new password the next time they log in, use the batch processing tool in the Joomla User Management area. How to use the batch processing tool in the Joomla User Management area is what today's Maintenance Monday live stream is all about.

Monday Maintenance 067


 - Title: "PART 2 After Disconnect! - 🛠 Maintenance Monday Live Stream #067 - YouTube"
- The speaker experienced a video card issue during the live stream, resulting in sparkles on the screen.
- They switched the stream to unlisted to avoid sending multiple live notifications to viewers.
- The chat continued, discussing a news story about job losses and its impact on various industries.
- Technical issues with the stream health and video resolution were mentioned.
- The speaker had a Zoom call interruption due to the computer crash.
- They attempted to recover by rejoining the Zoom call and discussing various topics, including Black Friday deals on Joomla.
- A website related to the discussion,, was briefly reviewed, highlighting potential improvements.
- The speaker and others in the chat shared thoughts on website design and the importance of user feedback.
- The discussion also touched on the use of animations on websites and the potential distractions they may cause.
- The speaker expressed concerns about font readability, especially on larger screens, and suggested using shadows for better contrast.
- Mention of a Facebook group related to Joomla and various personal Facebook pages was made.
- The stream experienced some technical issues, including slow streaming and video resolution concerns.
- The speaker and co-host interacted with the chat, sharing insights and engaging with viewers.
- The stream included moments of humor and anecdotes, creating a casual and interactive atmosphere.
- The overall theme of the live stream seemed to revolve around technical challenges, website design, and community engagement.


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