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Join us for an interview with Carlos Camara, who has written a book about Developing Extensions for Joomla! 5. It's all about how you can extend your sites and build rich customizations with Joomla! plugins, modules, and components. Join us as I tray to better organize the menu on my Joomla site. Some Key Timestamps (will be filled in after the live stream)

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- Title: "(1) How to Develop Extensions for Joomla 5 with Carlos Camara - 👀 WMW 231 - YouTube"
- Interview with Carlos Camara on developing extensions for Joomla 5
- Carlos has written a book on Joomla 5 extension development
- Tim Davis hosts the Joomla tutorials YouTube channel
- Tim also works on Joomla sites and offers services for site management
- The video is sponsored by, offering a free site audit for Joomla sites
- Carlos introduces himself, living in Spain, working on Joomla websites, and having a family and pets
- Carlos co-hosts the Mastermind web podcast in Spanish with Andrea Gentil
- The book project started as Joomla 4 development but updated to Joomla 5 when it was released
- Packet Publishing approached Carlos to write the book
- The book is aimed at developers or beginners with PHP knowledge
- Focuses on using the Joomla framework and takes advantage of the new Joomla 4/5 architecture
- Emphasizes the new paradigm for extension development in Joomla 5
- The book is helpful for transitioning extensions from Joomla 3 to Joomla 5 architecture
- Packet Publishing is the publishing company for the book
- The book is suitable for developers using modern PHP and object-oriented programming
- Carlos discusses his front-end user manager extension, still in Joomla 4 Alpha
- Acknowledges the challenges of balancing writing a book and managing personal projects
- Expresses satisfaction with the book's outcome despite facing delays
- The video is part of the "Workshop Wednesday" series on the Joomla tutorials channel


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