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MigrateMe 4 is a Joomla Extension that creates a testing area for your Joomla 4 Migration. This video looks at how that test area is created and a few important points arising from that.

A summary of this video:

  • The video discusses how Migrate Me 4 creates a test area for Joomla 4 migration.
    - Migrate Me 4 creates a folder called "mm4" in the web space to copy all files from the Joomla 3 site, separating it from the live site.
    - In the Joomla database, all tables are copied with the prefix "mm4_" to differentiate from the live site tables.
    - The test migration area is separate from the live site, ensuring changes made in the test area do not affect the live site, and vice versa.
    - The migration work should be mindful of the live site's activity to avoid conflicts during the migration process.
    - The presence of the "mm4" folder in the live site may increase site backup sizes, so it's advisable to exclude it from backups to save space.
    - The popular Backup Tool "Akeeba Backup" can be used to exclude the "mm4" folder from site backups.
    - Similarly, the database tables with the prefix "mm4_" can be excluded from backups to keep backup sizes smaller.
    - The video encourages users to subscribe for more content related to Joomla and site migration.

How Migrate Me 4 Creates Your Joomla 4 Test Migration

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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