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Joomla Custom Fields can simplify common tasks that you, your users or your clients regularly perform. In this video Vinny Hebert of Web Help U.S. demonstrates how to use Custom Fields to make a slideshow for a UIkit based Joomla template. NOTE: Later on in this stream we tried to figure out how to do a Bootstrap 4 slideshow with Custom Fields. We got a bit stuck and it took a while to figure out so we'll be putting a separate video on the channel for that. Watch live - there will be plenty of time for questions!


  • The video is about creating a slideshow in Joomla using custom fields.
    - The presenter, Tim Davis, introduces the topic and mentions that Vinnie has created a slideshow using custom fields.
    - Vinnie prefers to use UIKit for his templates with Gantry 5.
    - Tim and Vinnie discuss the snow conditions in their area briefly.
    - Vinnie mentions his websites, Web Help Us and I Love Old Time Radio, which are part of a Joomla giveaway.
    - They discuss Joomla 4 development.
    - Vinnie explains that they will create a slideshow using repeatable custom fields in Joomla 3.9.
    - Vinnie sets up a field group called "slide" and creates a repeatable custom field for images.
    - He adds several images to the repeatable field.
    - They view the article with the slideshow images.
    - Vinnie explains that they will customize the layout for repeatable fields using a template override.
    - He shows the PHP code for the repeatable field layout.
    - Vinnie discusses using UIKit for the slideshow and shows the required code for it.
    - He briefly mentions that Bootstrap 3 has different code requirements for creating a similar slideshow.
    - Vinnie begins copying and pasting code to customize the UIKit slideshow.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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