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Let's show some love to the developers that play such a huge role in our success with building our Joomla sites! In this live stream we'll see how to create an account on the JED (Joomla Extension Directory) so we can leave reviews for our favourite Joomla extensions. And then we are going to take 60 minutes and leave some reviews. What extension are you long overdue leaving a review for?




- The video is about Joomla and its extension directory.
- The video host is Tim Davis.
- Tim discusses the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) and the importance of leaving reviews for extensions.
- He mentions the challenges of remembering usernames and passwords for various Joomla-related sites.
- Tim talks about the rules and requirements for submitting extensions to the JED.
- He mentions a sponsorship by and offers a coupon code for viewers.
- Tim interacts with the audience in the live chat.
- He demonstrates how to leave a review for an extension on the JED.
- Tim reviews the "och Lightbox" extension, highlighting its functionality, ease of use, support, documentation, and value for money.
- He shares the link to the extension he reviewed.
- Tim proceeds to review the "for SEO" extension, mentioning its functionality, ease of use, support, documentation, and value for money.

Please note that the provided transcript is lengthy and detailed, and this summary captures the main points of the video.


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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