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Here's a handy administrator module you can set up to remind you of the colours used on your Joomla site.

00:00 Introduction: Introduction to the admin module for color scheme reminder in Joomla.

00:17 Channel Overview: Overview of Basic Joomla Tutorials channel and services offered by Tim Davis.

00:47 Squirrel Background: Explanation about the temporary squirrel background in the video.

01:14 Downloading the Module: Instructions for downloading the module from GitHub.

01:49 Installing the Module: Steps to install the downloaded module on a Joomla 5 site.

02:29 Setting Up the Module: Configuring the module by naming it and assigning a position.

03:07 Adding Colors to the Module: Steps to add color names and values to the module.

03:33 Using Chrome Inspector: Using Chrome Inspector to find color codes from the site.

04:11 Adding Additional Colors: Adding more colors by picking from various parts of the site.

04:47 Picking Colors from Images: Using the eyedropper tool to select colors from images or logos.

05:25 Finalizing Colors: Saving the colors and using them as a reminder within the module.

06:00 Conclusion: Thanks to Peter Martin for the tool, and encouragement to subscribe for more Joomla tutorials.


Introduction: Tim Davis introduces the video on how to use an admin module for color scheme reminders in Joomla.

Channel Overview: Basic Joomla Tutorials channel offers tips and tools for building and maintaining Joomla sites.

Squirrel Background: Temporary change in video background as requested by a viewer, with plans for future updates.

Downloading the Module:

Go to the Joomla Extensions Directory.

Download the "mod_db8_colors" module from Peter Martin's GitHub page.

Installing the Module:

Go to Joomla backend, System > Install Extensions.

Upload the downloaded module package.

Setting Up the Module:

Go to System > Administrator Modules.

Name the module (e.g., "Color Scheme Reminder").

Assign it to the "C panel" position and publish it.

Adding Colors to the Module:

Use the Color Picker to select and add color values.

Adjust colors by dragging within the Color Picker if needed.

Using Chrome Inspector:

Use Chrome's Inspector (F12) to find and copy hex color codes from the site.

Paste the color codes into the module.

Adding Additional Colors:

Add more colors by selecting different elements on the site.

Use the Color Picker and eyedropper tool for precise color selection.

Picking Colors from Images:

Use the eyedropper tool to pick colors directly from images or logos.

Add these colors to the module for easy reference.

This structure provides clear, step-by-step instructions on how to use the admin module for color scheme reminders, ensuring users can follow along easily and achieve the desired result.

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