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In this Watch Me Work Live Stream, I work on removing some 30,000+ spam comments placed by bots using through the comment form in Preachit Joomla extension. I then set up Google's RECAPTCHA on that site to prevent more spam messages.

I also use some crazy regular expressions in Regular Labs ReReplacer to add Google ads right in my articles based on how many /p paragraph closing tags there are as well as placing an author's footer at the end of each of his articles.

Interspersed in the video is some setting up of StreamLabs OBS, some reflections on perfectionism, and some twitch heads drop in to "chat" right at the end of the stream.

  • The livestream discusses various tasks related to managing a website.
    - The speaker begins by talking about identifying and removing spam comments from a client's website.
    - They mention the challenge of dealing with over 32,000 spam comments and ultimately emptying the comments table.
    - The livestream then moves on to setting up reCAPTCHA for the client's website to prevent future spam.
    - The speaker briefly discusses adjusting alert settings in Lightstream Labs OBS streaming software.
    - They mention working with regular expressions to manipulate text or data, specifically in Lightstream Labs.
    - The speaker touches on the topic of perfectionism and how it can hinder productivity.
    - Twitch viewers join the livestream and engage in the chat.
    - The livestream also includes technical aspects, like accessing a Joomla website's database and using SQL queries to remove spam comments.
    - The speaker explains the steps involved in setting up reCAPTCHA for the client's website.
    - The video includes a brief interaction with viewers in the chat.
    - The speaker discusses wearing a "regular labs hoodie" and mentions other topics briefly, such as using a Google API key for YouTube.
    - The livestream is primarily focused on website maintenance and technical tasks.

Watch Me Work Livestreams 004


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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