The Joomla Training Cohort has been launched!

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The Joomla Training Cohort Forum is a place to help me and others manage the increasing number of questions and requests for kind support with Joomla sites. In this live stream I work on setting up the forum so the forum is more useable.

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 - Title: "Working On My Business: JTC Forum Setup - 👀 WMW 235 - YouTube"
- Transcript highlights:
- Live stream number 235 on Juma Tutorials YouTube channel by Tim Davis.
- Sponsored by "" for Juma site management tools.
- Tim discusses being under the weather, a recent trip, and shares a sunset picture.
- Plans to launch the Juma training cohort forum and discusses its purpose.
- Mentions using Kuna forum for the setup.
- Talks about reordering forum categories and adding rules.
- Demonstrates excluding comments from specific pages and redirecting them to the forum.
- Shows a new discussion in the forum and explains how to moderate and move topics.
- Edits the catch-all category description and adds a category header.
- Reflects briefly on the importance of kindness in organizations.


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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