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Joomla's Media Manager will not allow you to upload .zip files, but JCE File Browser (which is free) does. So if you are getting the dreaded "This file type is not supported" or "This file type is not allowed: application/x-gzip" error install it on your site as a great workaround - plus more. How to install and use JCE File Browser on your Joomla site is what this Maintenance Monday is all about.




- Video tutorial about uploading ZIP files to Joomla using JCE File Browser.
- Hosted on YouTube, titled "Upload ZIP Files to Joomla with JCE File Browser🛠 MM Live Stream #111."
- Presented by Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast, in "Maintenance Monday" series.
- Demonstrates a workaround for uploading ZIP files due to limitations in Joomla's media manager.
- Introduction to JCE File Browser, a tool included with JCE Editor (free version).
- Discusses inability of Joomla's core media manager and Quantum Manager to upload ZIP files.
- Showcases the file structure within JCE File Browser.
- Explains how to upload ZIP files using JCE File Browser.
- Highlights additional features in the Pro version of JCE Editor, such as trash, renaming, etc.
- Emphasizes the convenience of using JCE File Browser for quick file uploads.
- Engages with the audience, discusses various topics, and addresses server issues.
- Mentions Google Business Reviews extension for Joomla.
- Introduces "Editor J/s Editor," a block style editor with clean JSON output.
- Encounters technical difficulties with loading the editor on the page.
- Expresses frustration with browser issues affecting functionality.

Please note that the transcript provided seems to include some comments and conversational elements that might not be necessary in a bullet point summary.

Monday Maintenance 111


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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