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I'm quite a bit behind on some proposals for new leads and resources for clients so in this live stream I'm going to create that content with the help of the Channel Hive-Mind in live chat and probably ChatGPT as well.

 - The video is titled "Joomla Proposal and Content Catch Up - WMW 192 - YouTube."
- The video features the creator discussing catching up on content and proposals.
- The creator mentions being sick for a month and falling behind.
- They plan to work on content for proposals and their website.
- The video involves using Chat GPT for assistance.
- There's a brief introduction by the creator, Tim Davis, mentioning Joomla.
- The video is sponsored by ""
- Tim Davis mentions his haircut.
- Tim discusses needing content about PHP 7.4 for client proposals and website.
- The video shows the process of generating content with Chat GPT.
- They highlight the importance of communicating technical information clearly.
- Tim creates an article about PHP 7.4 reaching end of life.
- There's a discussion about using images and uploading SVGs in Joomla.
- Tim plans to list 10 reasons to update from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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