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Let's revisit 4AI, the Joomla AI assistant from Weeblr

 - The video is a live stream titled "Revisiting 4AI from Weeblr - 👀 WMW 243 - YouTube"
- Tim Davis, a Juma fan, hosts the live stream on the Basic Juma Tutorials YouTube channel.
- He discusses revisiting 4AI, the Juna AI assistant from Weeblr, demonstrated by Unique in May last year.
- Tim talks about his interest in purchasing the extension for his sites.
- The video is sponsored by MySite.Guru, offering site audits and tools for managing Juma sites efficiently.
- Tim shares a personal anecdote about a hacked site and how MySite.Guru helped identify suspicious files.
- He shows a family photo and discusses changing clocks for daylight saving time.
- Tim interacts with viewers in the live chat, mentioning changes in clock timings and discussing daylight saving time.
- He goes through the process of setting up 4AI, including creating an API key and configuring settings.
- Tim explores the features of 4AI, such as content creation, image generation, and social media posting.
- He discovers a free version of 4AI called 4AI Community Edition and provides the download link.
- Tim demonstrates using 4AI to rewrite text, shorten it, and discusses the token usage for AI requests.
- Viewers engage in discussions about AI capabilities and its limitations.
- Tim concludes the live stream, engaging with viewers and expressing interest in further exploration of AI tools.


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