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Sometimes the easiest way to to edit an image you have already uploaded to Joomla is with JCE Editor Pro. How to quickly edit an image with JCE EditorPro on your Joomla site is what this Maintenance Monday is all about.




Sure, here's a summarized version of the transcript:

- Video tutorial on quick image edits using JCE Editor Pro in Joomla.
- Hosted by Tim Davis, discussing image editing while recovering from a cold.
- Introduction to Maintenance Monday #108 on YouTube.
- Instructions to visit for giveaways and newsletter subscription.
- Demonstration of using JCE Editor Pro for image editing in Joomla.
- Accessing the image editor via the "Insert and Edit Images" option.
- Selecting an image for editing, showcasing the cropping tool.
- Demonstrating image resizing while maintaining proportion.
- Mentioning image rotation and correcting orientation issues.
- Exploring additional editing options like brightness, contrast, and hue.
- Briefly mentioning other effects like grayscale and negative.
- Sharing a personal experience of editing an image for a newsletter.
- Encouraging using JCE Editor for quick image edits on-site.
- Promoting the Joomla community and upcoming events.
- Mentioning the Joomla Bugs and Pizza Day event for bug fixing.
- Discussing challenges in creating accounts for Joomla Docs.
- Sharing a link to an old-time radio episode recommendation.
- Interaction with the chat, discussing upcoming episodes and content.
- Mentioning the release of Eugene Silin's Noir competition extension.

Please note that the transcript seems to be cut off, and the information provided might not be fully comprehensive due to the limitations of the input.

 Monday Maintenance 108


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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