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If you are asking for help with an error on your Joomla site, or trying to help yourself, here is a way to make sure you are getting the most helpful error messages.



  • Topic: How to Get Better Error Messages in Joomla
    - Presenter: Tim Davis
    - Presented on "Maintenance Monday" episode 272 on the Basic Joomla Tutorials YouTube channel
    - Sponsored by
    - Tim Davis offers Joomla site maintenance and development services
    - Aim of the video: To help Joomla users obtain more informative error messages when troubleshooting issues
    - Key points covered:
    - The importance of getting clear error messages for problem diagnosis
    - How to enable error reporting and debugging in Joomla:
    - Access the global configuration of your site.
    - Under the server tab, set error reporting to maximum.
    - Under the system tab, enable debugging.
    - If you can't access the global configuration, manually edit the configuration.php file.
    - Change the "debug" setting from false to true (or from 0 to 1).
    - Change the "error reporting" setting to maximum.
    - If errors still don't appear, check your web hosting control panel settings for PHP.
    - Look for "display errors" and enable it.
    - Obtaining error messages helps in troubleshooting and seeking assistance for Joomla site issues.

Monday Maintenance 272


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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