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Working on or with the color palette of your Joomla website can be a tedious task. This tool from will make it much easier to make adjustments to the colour scheme of your Joomla site.




00:00 - Introduction

00:29 - Sponsor Message:

00:57 - Introduction to the Color Palette Tool

01:28 - Installing the Palette Chrome Extension

01:54 - Using the Palette Tool on a Website

02:38 - Inspecting Colors on the Website

03:18 - Selecting and Copying Color Codes

03:51 - Applying Colors Across Website Templates

04:27 - Pro Tip: Managing Color Changes Efficiently

04:55 - Conclusion and Call-to-Action



Introduction: Tim Davis introduces a tool for managing CSS color changes more efficiently on Joomla sites.

Sponsor Message: Promotes and offers a coupon code for viewers.

Introduction to the Color Palette Tool: Highlights the convenience of using a tool to manage and remember color codes during website adjustments.

Installing the Palette Chrome Extension: Demonstrates how to install the Palette extension on Chrome and pin it for easy access.

Using the Palette Tool on a Website: Shows how to use the Palette extension on to extract and view the site's color palette.

Inspecting Colors on the Website: Explains how to inspect colors using Chrome DevTools and cross-reference with the Palette extension.

Selecting and Copying Color Codes: Illustrates the process of selecting a color from the palette tool and copying its hex code for use in custom CSS.

Applying Colors Across Website Templates: Discusses the versatility of using the Palette tool across different Joomla templates to ensure consistent color schemes.

Pro Tip: Managing Color Changes Efficiently: Advises using the extension's features to streamline color adjustments and avoid manual selection errors.

Conclusion and Call-to-Action: Encourages viewers to subscribe, like the video, and engage with the channel for more Joomla-related tips and tutorials.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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