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Working on or with the color palette of your Joomla website can be a tedious task. This tool from will make it much easier to make adjustments to the colour scheme of your Joomla site.




  • Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast, introduces a color palette tool for Joomla websites.
    - The tool helps simplify changing CSS colors on Joomla sites, eliminating the need for manual color code memorization.
    - The tool is accessed through the website "palette dot site" and requires installation as a browser extension (demonstrated in Chrome).
    - Tim demonstrates how to use the tool by visiting the "basicjoomla. com" website and extracting its color palette.
    - The tool allows quick identification of colors used on a webpage and provides their corresponding hex codes.
    - Tim explains how to match and select specific colors from the palette for use in CSS code.
    - A pro tip is offered: the extension can be used to set template colors and facilitate changes to various website elements.
    - Users can easily copy color codes from the palette tool and paste them into their custom CSS.
    - The tool enhances efficiency when making color adjustments on Joomla sites, whether minor or significant.
    - Tim encourages viewers to subscribe to the "basic joomla tutorials" YouTube channel for more helpful tips.
    - He concludes the video with well wishes for viewers and encourages interaction by liking and subscribing.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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