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For an even easier way to have the first page break slider show as closed in a Joomla article,

check out this video    • Force the First Page Break Slider to ...  

Later on in this live stream, we also have some fun adding some ascii art to our page code so people get a fun surprise if they view source code of our Joomla site.




Here is a summarized version of the provided transcript:

- The video is about how to force the first page break or article page break in Joomla to be closed instead of open when set to sliders.
- The video is part of the "Watch Me Work" series on Joomla tutorials.
- It mentions a sponsor,, and offers a coupon code for a free month.
- The tutorial addresses an issue where the first page break remains open while others are collapsible.
- It demonstrates adding page breaks to an article and explains how to make the first one closed.
- The solution involves using the "Re-Replacer" extension from Regular Labs to remove the title of the first page break.
- It also briefly mentions using "Visibility Hidden" in HTML as an alternative approach.
- The video hints at the possibility of automating this process for multiple articles using the "DB Replacer" extension.

Please note that the transcript is quite lengthy, and this summary provides the key points.

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