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By default, the administrator area of Joomla 5 automatically matches the dark mode settings of your computer. But you can change that on both the global and individual user levels. You can also use the dark mode/light mode switch which is on by default in a new install or can be activated on a site that has been updated to Joomla 5.1




00:00 Introduction: Tim Davis introduces the new dark mode/light mode switch in Joomla 5.1.

00:29 Purpose of the Video: Overview of the video’s goal to explain the dark mode/light mode feature.

00:57 Locating the Dark Mode Switch: How to find the dark mode switch in a new Joomla 5.1 site.

01:26 Updating from Older Versions: Explanation of what to do if you have updated from an older Joomla version and can't find the switch.

01:51 Removing Old Dark Mode Switches: Steps to remove any old dark mode switches that no longer work.

02:20 Enabling the Core Dark Mode Switch: Instructions to enable the core dark mode/light mode switch in Joomla 5.1.

02:58 Customizing Dark Mode Settings: Detailed walkthrough of the settings available for dark mode.

03:32 User-Specific Settings: How to set dark mode preferences for individual user accounts.

04:02 Troubleshooting Tips: Tips on dealing with issues such as settings not refreshing immediately.

04:30 Conclusion: Summary and encouragement to enjoy the new Joomla features.


Introduction: Tim Davis introduces the new dark mode/light mode switch feature in Joomla 5.1, emphasizing its importance.

Feature Overview: Explanation of the video's purpose to show how to use and customize the dark mode/light mode feature.

Locating the Switch: In new Joomla 5.1 sites, the dark mode switch can be found under the user menu.

Post-Update Issue: If you've updated from an older version of Joomla, the switch might not appear automatically.

Removing Old Switches: If you have previously used a custom dark mode switch, it needs to be removed since it no longer functions.

Enabling Core Switch: To enable the core dark mode switch in an updated site, go to System > Administrator Template Styles > Atom Template and simply save and close.

Customizing Settings: Under color settings in the Atom template, you can set dark mode to follow OS settings, always use light mode, or always use dark mode.

User Preferences: Individual users can set their own dark mode preferences by going to Users > Manage > [User] > Basic Settings and choosing their preferred mode.

Troubleshooting: Changing these settings might not immediately reflect due to browser caching or cookies, but it eventually works fine.

Conclusion: Tim encourages viewers to explore and enjoy the new Joomla features, reminding them to subscribe for more tutorials.

This breakdown provides a clear structure and summary of the video, making it easier for viewers to follow along and understand the key points discussed by Tim Davis. For more reference watch the link below

How to Turn Dark Mode On and Off in the Joomla 5 Administrator Area - πŸ›  MM #276



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