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Join us as Tassos Marinos for an introduction to his latest extension for Joomla: Smile Pack.


00:02 - Introduction: Music issue and setup adjustments.

01:06 - Introduction of Tassos Marinos and Smile Pack extension.

01:37 - Stream introduction and channel information.

02:06 - Video sponsor:

02:36 - Microphone adjustment and sponsor details.

03:09 - Tassos Marinos introduction and background.

Tassos' personal updates and Joomla involvement:

Tassos' journey since the Mambo days.

Appreciation for contributions to Joomla community.

06:02 - Welcoming viewers and chat participants.

06:46 - Tassos discusses his team and business setup.

07:25 - Introduction to Smile Pack features.

Explanation of Smile Pack features:

Explanation of smart tags and upcoming features.

Planned features: shortcodes and conditional logic.

Reasons for developing Smile Pack.

Discussion on managing multiple extensions.

Ensuring performance and responsiveness.

Publicly available roadmap and feature requests.

Smile Pack dashboard and installed modules overview.

Video module features and settings:

Video module demonstration: embedding a YouTube video.

Autoplay and lazy loading features.

Cover image options for videos.

Enhanced privacy mode for videos.

Recap of video module features.

18:21 - Introduction to the accordion module.

Accordion module setup:

Creating and configuring an accordion module.

Initial state options for accordion panels.

Smart lazy loading technique for videos.

Verifying lazy loading in browser console.

Configuring autoplay and mute options.

Implementing cover images for videos.

Autopause feature for video modules.

Enhanced privacy mode for video modules.

Using auto-generated thumbnails for videos.

Privacy considerations with enhanced mode.

Creating and configuring an accordion module (continued).

Setting initial state for accordion panels.

32:06 - FAQ Schema Integration.

Verifying FAQ Schema.

34:55 - Creating Dynamic Maps.

Map Module Overview.

Adding Locations to Maps.

Adjusting Marker Positions.

Importing Multiple Locations.

Map Module in Action.

Custom Fields Integration with Maps.

Configuring Map Module with Custom Fields.

Automatically Updating Maps.

46:17 - Creating a Photo Gallery.

Adding Images to Gallery.

Adjusting Gallery Layout.

Responsive Gallery Layouts.

Lightbox Feature in Galleries.

Masonry Layout for Galleries.

Justified Layout for Galleries.

Slideshow Layout for Galleries.

59:36 - Optimizing Images for Google.

Adding Alt Descriptions to Images.

Editing Icon and Lightbox Description.

Adding Tags to Photos.

Enabling Filtering Tags.

1:04:32 - Managing Tags and Watermarking.

Adding Text Watermark.

Adding Image Watermark.

Disabling Watermark.

1:08:44 - Introduction to Smart Tags.

Finding Smart Tags in Dashboard.

Using Smart Tags in Articles.

Example of Last Modified Date.

Future Plans for Smart Tags.

Personalizing Content with Smart Tags.

Displaying Visitor's Country with Smart Tags.

Displaying Logged In User's Name.

Using Smart Tags in Module Titles.

1:17:45 - Conclusion and Future Sessions.

1:18:41 - Answering Questions.

Making Videos 100% Width.

Feature Requests.

Changing Marker Colors on Maps.

SVG Markers on Maps.

Photos in Gallery and Media Folder.

Linking Different URLs to Gallery Images.

Customizing Gallery Thumbnail Sizes.

Advanced Custom Fields and Gallery.

WebP Support and Animation for Filtering Tags.

Smart Tags in Articles and Other Platforms.

1:30:05 - Thank You in Greek.

1:30:55 - Modules Overridable and CSS Adjustments.

1:32:48 - Pricing and Bundle Products.

1:33:21 - Bundle Plans and Future Extensions.

1:35:39 - Adjusting Expiry Dates for Bundle Upgrades.

1:37:03 - Conclusion and Viewer Interaction.

1:38:21 - Outro and Farewell.

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