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Not all website users understand the need for setting and using strong passwords. Did you know you can set your Joomla site to require your users to setup passwords that are strong and unlikely to be brute forced in a thousand years? How to force your users to create Joomla passwords that are more secure is what today's maintenance Monday live stream is all about.




  • The video is about setting up Joomla to enforce better passwords.
    - Mention of a tool to check password strength.
    - Introduction and greeting by the host, Tim Davis.
    - Mention of a hacking attempt on the host's server.
    - Reminder to subscribe and ring the notification bell for updates.
    - Instructions on accessing a special podcast episode.
    - Password security importance due to recent phishing incident.
    - Steps to force better passwords in Joomla:
    1. Go to the Joomla site backend.
    2. Navigate to Users > User Manager.
    3. Access options > Password Options tab.
    4. Set password reset limits, minimum length, required numbers, symbols, uppercase, lowercase.
    5. New users must meet these requirements when creating a profile.
    - Recommendation of a website to test password strength.
    - Demonstration of creating a strong password using a formula.
    - Discussion of using a formula to remember passwords for different sites.
    - Explanation of the formula and its benefits.
    - Addressing user concerns about existing weak passwords.
    - Explanation of how to enforce password reset for existing users.
    - Brief mention of other security measures like IP blocking.
    - Further demonstration of an ongoing hacking attempt on the host's server.
    - Steps taken to counteract the hacking attempt, including email account creation and suspension.
    - Speculation and discussion about the purpose of the hacking attempt.
    - Mention of server security and ongoing attempts.
    - Conclusion and appreciation for viewers' support.

Monday Maintenance 126


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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