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If you want your logo to appear in the browser tab next to your page title, or in Google Mobile search results when your pages are found, you want to make sure you customize the Favicon of your Joomla site. How to change the Favicon on your Joomla Site is what this Maintenance Monday live stream is about.




  • The video discusses adding a custom favicon to a Joomla website.
    - The presenter, Tim Davis, addresses Joomla fans and viewers of "Maintenance Monday Live Stream #095" on YouTube.
    - Tim explains the importance of having a custom favicon for branding and attracting attention in search results.
    - He demonstrates how to change the favicon on a Joomla site using the Protostar template.
    - Tim shows screenshots of Google search results displaying favicons for sites.
    - He emphasizes the need to ensure that your site's favicon is well-designed and square, preferably around 96x96 pixels in size.
    - Tim uses PaintShop Pro 2018 to resize an image to 256x256 pixels, creating a favicon.
    - He guides viewers on how to access the file manager in their hosting panel and locate the template's favicon.
    - Tim explains the process of replacing the existing favicon with the new one through the file manager.
    - He addresses some viewers' comments about favicon pronunciation (favicon vs. fav-icon).
    - Tim briefly mentions the impact of not having a favicon on search rankings.
    - The video includes discussions about favicon formats (PNG) and tools for generating favicons.
    - There's a mention of a user-recommended extension named "Little Helper" for handling favicons.
    - Tim shares thoughts about creating content for the purpose of Adsense income and reflects on the importance of genuine content creation.
    - The video concludes with Tim encouraging viewers to maintain their Joomla sites properly and consider using custom favicons.

Monday Maintenance 095


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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