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Sometimes you just want to reinstall the core files of your Joomla 4 site. In this video we see how to do that and a work around if the "Reinstall Joomla Core Files" button is not showing or isn't working.



  • The video is about reinstalling Joomla 4 core files.
    - Presenter is Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast.
    - The video is part of the "Maintenance Money" series on the "Basic Joomla Tutorials" YouTube channel.
    - Sponsored by, offering a free Joomla site audit with a coupon code for a free first month subscription.
    - The presenter logs into the back end of a Joomla 4 site as admin.
    - Shows how to reinstall Joomla core files by clicking on "Joomla Update" in the main admin screen.
    - Some users may face the issue of the "Reinstall Joomla Core Files" button not appearing or not working.
    - To resolve the issue, they need to click on "Check for Updates" first, which triggers the appearance of the reinstall button.
    - Demonstrates a security token error when clicking on "Check for Updates" but assures viewers it's not necessary to understand why it happens.
    - Suggests subscribing and ringing the bell for notifications and encourages viewers to like the video.
    - Closes the video with a sign-off message and music.

Monday Maintenance 227


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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