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I've had company this paste week and saw a bunch of Joomla things go by on my screen and in my feeds, so in this lives stream I am going to catch up on some of those things.

 - Tim Davis presents "Looking in my Joomla Kitchen Drawer - πŸ‘€ WMW 241 - YouTube"
- Tim Davis greets Juma fans on his live stream, offering tips for building and maintaining Joomla sites.
- Sponsored by my sites. guru, offering free site audits and management tools.
- Tim shares personal anecdotes about family visits and encounters with snakes.
- Updates on Joomla-related news:
- Serge Bilan contributes an article on customizing the Joomla administrator panel.
- Phil Taylor introduces a new tool for patching security issues in Joomla 3.
- Discussion on vulnerabilities fixed in Joomla 4 and 5 updates, including backported fixes for Joomla 3.
- Tim demonstrates using Phil Taylor's tool to patch Joomla 3 sites for security issues.
- Mention of an audio add-on in Page Builder CK for Joomla 5.
- Tim mentions plans for future videos on maintenance tasks like SPF and DKIM.
- Tim explores the Page Builder CK extension, highlighting features like an audio player with autoplay option (advising against us

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Here are some of the links mentioned in this Live Stream - and some others:

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