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If you have Joomla templates installed on your site but are not using them anywhere and anymore, you may have noticed the module positions offered in your module settings have become very crowded, cumbersome and confusing. You can tidy up and declutter this section of your site by unpublishing or uninstalling those unused templates. That way their module positions will not longer show up as available options. How to unpublish or uninstall unused Joomla templates is the topic of this Maintenance Monday live stream.



Sure, here's a summarized version of the transcript:

  • The video is about Joomla extension maintenance.
    - The host discusses cleaning up module positions in Joomla by removing unused templates.
    - The livestream starts with technical difficulties but quickly resumes.
    - The host demonstrates how to manage Joomla extensions and modules.
    - Discusses the cluttered dropdown list of module positions in the template.
    - Explains how to unpublish or uninstall templates to simplify the list.
    - Points out that uninstalling templates might lead to loss of custom graphics and setup.
    - Advises keeping core templates like "protostar" for troubleshooting purposes.
    - Demonstrates how to disable or uninstall templates.
    - Shoutout to a viewer's question about cleaning up module positions.
    - Host talks about upcoming topics and giveaways.
    - The host engages with chat, mentions Google Analytics integration issues.
    - Host mentions using Joomla templates designed for specific industries.
    - Introduces various template companies and themes.
    - Discusses potential benefits of using pre-designed templates for specific industries.
    - Mentions integrating Google Analytics into a component.
    - The video concludes with greetings, acknowledgments, and future plans.

Monday Maintenance 091


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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