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Google's Certificate Transparency project fixes several structural flaws in the SSL certificate system. Certificate Transparency helps eliminate these flaws by providing an open framework for monitoring and auditing SSL certificates in nearly real time. For your site to take advantage of this framework, you need to setup and install the CT Security Header, and that is exactly what we are looking at in this video!




  • Video tutorial about setting up and installing the Expect-CT (Certificate Transparency) security header on a website.
    - Presented by Tim Davis in "MM Live Stream #161" on YouTube.
    - Sponsored by, a website management tool.
    - Discusses the need and benefits of Expect-CT for website security.
    - Explains the process of setting up Expect-CT using the Report URI platform.
    - Demonstrates how to create a free account on Report URI.
    - Guides through editing the .htaccess file for Apache servers to include Expect-CT header.
    - Shows the correct syntax for adding the header information.
    - Mentions alternative options for setting up security headers.
    - Emphasizes the importance of website security and staying informed about updates.
    - Provides links to related resources for further reading.
    - Notes that the setup process may require experimentation and fine-tuning.
    - The tutorial is part of a technical series on website maintenance.

Monday Maintenance 161


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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