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Join us as I tray to better organize the menu on my Joomla site. Some Key Timestamps (will be filled in after the live stream)

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  • Title: "My Joomla Menu Matrix - 👀 WMW 230 - YouTube"
    - Tim Davis is organizing the menus on his Joomla site in live stream number 230.
    - Tim is a Joomla enthusiast who shares tools, extensions, and tips for building, maintaining, and migrating Joomla sites.
    - The video is sponsored by "," which offers a free site audit for Joomla sites.
    - Tim talks about a picture of a slug in the background and mentions watching "Alone" for tips on slugs.
    - He discusses the size and types of slugs in the Pacific Northwest.
    - Tim mentions upcoming content, including an interview with Carlos, who wrote a book on Joomla 5 extension development.
    - Tim addresses a menu organization issue on his site, specifically for the Joomla training cohort.
    - He considers using the same menu but with different modules to manage menu items effectively.
    - Tim logs into his staging site to experiment with menu configurations without affecting the live site.
    - He uses the Max menu CK module to adjust the start level and base item, controlling the display of menu items.
    - Tim demonstrates how changing start and end levels affects the appearance and width of the menu.
    - He explains his preference for avoiding a mega menu and discusses the importance of concise button labels.
    - Tim renames the Max menu CK module to "homepage menu" for clarity.
    - The video involves practical demonstrations and discussions related to Joomla menu organization.


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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