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When you have special notes about unique features or practices you have on a Joomla site it's most convenient to keep those notes, for future reference, right on the site. But, what if you don't want any other users on your site to see them? No problem - just put those notes in a secret place where nobody will find them!

How to leave secret notes for yourself in Joomla is what today's Maintenance Monday is all about. Thanks to Virtual Vinny of for today's topic.




 - Video discusses leaving secret notes for yourself in Joomla.
- Tim Davis hosts the "Maintenance Monday Live Stream #073."
- Purpose of leaving secret notes within Joomla admin interface explained.
- Secret notes useful for personal reminders while working on the website.
- Use of a custom module to store the secret notes demonstrated.
- Advanced Module Manager extension used in the tutorial.
- Notes can include text, images, bullet points, links, etc.
- Access can be restricted to super users through the ACL (Access Control Levels).
- Tim demonstrates creating a custom module in the admin interface.
- If super user access isn't present, a tutorial is offered on creating it.
- Notes can be tailored for different user groups like authors or administrators.
- Importance of keeping information specific to those who need it emphasized.
- Viewers encouraged to subscribe, comment, and share ideas on module use.
- Chat interaction and questions from viewers during the livestream.
- Technical issues and adjustments addressed during the video.
- Vinnie's idea acknowledged and thanked for suggesting the topic.

 Monday Maintenance 073


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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