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Join us for an introduction to 4SEO for Joomla with Yannick Gaultier. What is 4SEO? From the Weeblr site we read: "4SEO is a modern, integrated Search Engine Optimization solution for Joomla. It constantly analyzes your site to detect changes, identify important pages, add meta and structured data, optimize for social sharing and build your sitemap. 4SEO also provides you with tools for every day SEO work: list of broken links, redirections, content replacement, robots.txt..."




  • The video is titled "An Introduction to 4SEO For Joomla with Yannick Gaultier - WMW 122 - YouTube."
    - Yannick Gaultier is the developer of 4SEO, an SEO extension for Joomla.
    - Tim Davis, a Joomla fan, is hosting the video.
    - The video mentions a sponsor,, offering Joomla-related tools and services.
    - Yannick Gaultier is from France and previously worked as a mechanical engineer before getting into web development around 15 years ago.
    - He started with an extension called SH404SEF and eventually started working on 4SEO.
    - 4SEO is designed to automate most of the technical SEO work for Joomla websites.
    - It functions as a crawler, constantly analyzing and updating the website's SEO elements.
    - The extension is compatible with both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.
    - During installation, users are asked whether their site is public and to confirm the website's address.
    - The extension's dashboard is a single-page application for a modern user interface.
    - It continuously analyzes the website, even as traffic occurs, without slowing down the site.
    - Users can manually trigger analysis or let it occur naturally as visitors navigate the site.
    - The extension can automatically detect changes in elements like robots.txt, canonical tags, descriptions, and titles.
    - The dashboard provides information on site analysis, structured data, social networks, sitemaps, errors, and SEO tools.
    - The extension helps with canonicalization of pages.
    - Users can filter and manage pages, making manual adjustments if needed.
    - It recognizes multipage articles and designates a canonical page for them.
    - The video appears to be a tutorial on how to use the 4SEO extension for Joomla.

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