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At times you will want to, or be asked to, add code to the HEAD area of your Joomla site. It may be to add google analytics tracking code, to install Google Tag Manager code, to install a meta tag to prove to Google Search Console you own a site, or it might even be a code an ad publishing service you want to join and make ad revenue from. How to add code to the HEAD area of your Joomla site is what this Maintenance Monday is all about.




  • Video tutorial about adding custom code to the head area in Joomla.
    - Presented by Tim Davis on YouTube.
    - Tim demonstrates how to add code to the header of a Joomla site using the protostar template.
    - Tim mentions a forum question about adding code from an ad service to the header.
    - He starts by accessing the Joomla backend and going to Extensions > Templates > Protostar.
    - Explains locating the index.php file in the root folder of the template.
    - Scrolls down to find the head tag in the index.php file.
    - Shows inserting custom code (Google social profiles markup) after the opening head tag and before the closing head tag.
    - Advises saving the changes, and this code will now appear on every page using the protostar template.
    - Discusses a caveat that updating the template might override these changes, suggests keeping a backup.
    - Mentions he will demonstrate how to do it in other templates in the future.
    - Tim briefly discusses using template options to add code in other templates like JD Paris and Rocket Theme's templates.
    - Talks about adding code to different templates based on the purpose.
    - Ends with audience interaction, discussing various topics and plans for future videos.

Monday Maintenance 105


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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