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Akeeba Backup Profiles are a powerful customization option that can take backing up #joomla to a whole new level.This #maintenancemonday looks at how to create and configure multiple backup profiles in Joomla's number one backup method, Akeeba Backup.



  • This is a YouTube live stream titled "How to Use Akeeba Backup Profiles When Backing Up Joomla."
    - The host, Tim Davis, discusses Akeeba Backup and its multiple profiles.
    - He mentions the importance of having multiple profiles for different backup needs.
    - Tim demonstrates how to create a new profile specifically for backing up the Joomla database only.
    - He shows how to configure and customize the settings for each profile, including quota management.
    - Tim also mentions the ability to schedule automatic backups for different profiles.
    - He showcases a profile that backs up only the Joomla user tables, excluding other tables.
    - The video includes a mention of a monthly giveaway with prizes related to Joomla.
    - The host interacts with the audience during the live stream and answers questions about setting a password for the Akeeba Backup restoration script.

Monday Maintenance 023


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