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If things seem a little bit off in the functionality of core items or elements of your Joomla site, reinstalling the Joomla Core Files may be just the thing needed to reset things. How to reinstall Joomla core files is what today's maintenance Monday live stream is all about.





  • Video tutorial on "How to Reinstall Joomla Core Files"
    - Hosted by Tim Davis on "MM Live Stream #125 - YouTube"
    - Purpose: Reinstalling Joomla core files to fix issues
    - Presented by Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast
    - Tune in for the tutorial, followed by live chat
    - Mentioned giveaway at
    - Problem: Joomla site not updating to 3.9.15
    - Solution: Reinstall Joomla core files
    - Steps to reinstall:
    - Log in to Joomla admin panel
    - Go to Components > Joomla Update
    - Click on "Upload & Update" tab
    - If nothing happens, click "Check for Updates"
    - "Reinstall Joomla Core Files" button may appear
    - Warning: Back up your site before proceeding
    - Use the exact version package as your current Joomla version
    - Download zip file from Joomla official download page
    - Upload and install the zip file
    - Be cautious if you have customized core files
    - Reinstalling core files can fix issues and reset changes
    - Tim Davis hopes it helps viewers; requests feedback
    - The host discusses other topics and interacts with the chat
    - Phil Taylor mentions using "My Sites" Not Guru to manage core file changes
  • The video is about reinstalling Joomla core files.
    - It's a live stream on the Basic Joomla Tutorials channel.
    - The host mentions a giveaway on
    - The topic is inspired by a user named Laura who had issues updating Joomla to version
    - The video explains how to reinstall Joomla core files.
    - Steps to reinstall include using the Joomla Update component, downloading the exact same version of Joomla, and uploading/installing it.
    - The host recommends taking a backup before making core file changes.
    - The discussion in the live chat touches on various topics, including an administrator template for Joomla, responsive design, and an extension called "Exposures."
    - There is a mention of using "My Sites Not Guru" to view and revert modified core Joomla files.
  • Monday Maintenance 125 


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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