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In this super casual Watch Me Work Live Stream, I open the surprise box from Regular Labs, do some more replacing and finding across multiple Joomla articles and ACYmailing Newsletters using tips from Peter van Westen on searching with regular expressions, look at Vinny Hebert's recommendation of using Notepad++, and start making plans for the bank robbery with Andy Badwool.




  • The video is titled "Regular Labs Surprise Unboxing, DB Replacer, Notepad++ 👀 Watch Me Work Live Stream 002 - YouTube."
    - The video is a livestream recording with various sections.
    - The host, Tim Davis, opens a surprise box from Regular Labs.
    - He discusses how Regular Labs' DB Replacer tool has helped him with search and replace operations, including using regular expressions for more efficient searches.
    - Tim mentions suggesting features for DB Replacer and working with Peter Van West from Regular Labs on them.
    - He briefly mentions taking a look at Notepad++ recommended by someone named Vinnie.
    - Tim and Andy talk about making plans for an undisclosed activity.
    - Tim promotes his Twitch channel and encourages viewers to subscribe to it.
    - He also encourages viewers to subscribe to his YouTube channel.
    - Tim models a hoodie he received from Regular Labs as part of the unboxing.
    - He demonstrates how to use DB Replacer's new feature to clear the search box.
    - Tim discusses using regular expressions in DB Replacer for more effective searches.
    - He shows how he intends to replace old signatures in articles with new ones using DB Replacer.
    - Tim mentions using Content Template to add signatures in his articles.
    - He talks about replacing 143 instances of old signatures with new ones.
    - Tim indicates that he plans to use snippets and Replacer tags for future replacements.

Watch Me Work Livestreams 002


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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