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Debug Mode in Joomla can be very helpful in giving you information about your Joomla site and page load performance, but it can also give that helpful information to hackers. So, it's best to leave debug mode disabled in Joomla when you aren't using it. How to disable Debug Mode in Joomla is what today's #maintenancemonday is all about.



  • The video discusses disabling or leaving disabled Joomla's debug mode.
    - Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast, hosts the "Maintenance Monday Live Stream" episode #051.
    - It's the one-year anniversary of the live streams, but there were missed episodes.
    - Debug mode in Joomla shows information at the bottom of pages for debugging purposes.
    - Leaving debug mode enabled can expose sensitive information and security risks.
    - Two methods are explained to disable debug mode: one through Joomla's core settings and another using a tool from "my Joomla."
    - Tim demonstrates how to disable debug mode through the core settings.
    - He also shows the process using a tool from "my Joomla" for managing Joomla sites.
    - Tim talks about considering setting up a video gathering for Joomla discussions.
    - The audience engages in the chat, discussing Twitch streaming and other topics.
    - There's a humorous exchange about Twitch and live notifications.
    - Tim discusses his eyeglasses and vision challenges while working.
    - The video's host engages with the audience's comments and questions.
    - The video covers both technical Joomla advice and casual conversation.

Monday Maintenance 051


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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