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If you have Joomla articles mixed in a category where they don't belong along with articles that do belong, batch moving them to the proper location can be a slow, tedious task using the core Joomla method. Join us as we look at how to streamline using DB Replacer from Regular Labs.



  • The title of the livestream is "Moving Joomla Articles Using DB Replacer from Regular Labs - 👀 Watch Me Work Live Stream 022 - YouTube."
    - The speaker introduces themselves as Tim Davis and mentions that it's the 22nd episode of the "Watch Me Work" livestream.
    - The livestream discusses how to batch move Joomla articles from one category to another using DB Replacer from Regular Labs.
    - The speaker is working on a client's website, Faith Community Church CA, which has articles in the wrong category (resources instead of sermons).
    - The challenge is to find and move articles from the "resources" category to the "sermons" category without affecting other articles.
    - The livestream explains the use of DB Replacer, a powerful Joomla extension that can make direct changes to the database.
    - The speaker emphasizes the importance of backing up the website before using DB Replacer due to its potential to cause issues.
    - The process involves finding articles in the "resources" category with a specific tag (mp3) and replacing their category ID with the "sermons" category ID.
    - The livestream demonstrates how to set up filters and perform the replacement.
    - The speaker discusses the need for a safer approach when working with a client's website and not moving all articles at once.
    - There is a brief mention of finding articles that don't fit the initial filter and how to handle them.
    - The livestream shows an example of searching for articles with specific text formatting (text :) and potentially moving them.
    - The speaker's approach is cautious and systematic to avoid issues with the client's website.

Watch Me Work Livestreams 022


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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