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When you are copy and pasting into your Joomla site from another web page, email, document or other type of source, JCE Editor is a great tool that can automatically clean up unwatned code in the content you are pasting. It's another great way to let your Joomla template handle the formatting of your content!





  • Video discusses using JCE Editor for cleaning up copy-paste content in Joomla.
    - Tim Davis, Joomla enthusiast, presents "Maintenance Monday #187" on YouTube.
    - Last week's video focused on copying content into Joomla articles and removing unnecessary formatting.
    - Mary Nevious recommended JCE Editor for code cleanup in comments.
    - This video demonstrates setting up JCE Editor to automatically clean up pasted content.
    - Shows JCE Editor's global configuration options:
    - Validating pasted HTML
    - Choosing HTML version to validate against (HTML5, XHTML, etc.)
    - Handling non-breaking spaces (nbsp)
    - Padding empty tags
    - Converting elements on Enter (e.g., paragraph to div)
    - Discusses editor profiles and plug-in parameters customization:
    - Allow paste dialog
    - Cleaning up Microsoft Word content
    - Stripping class attributes from Word content
    - Removing or keeping spans, styles, tags, attributes, event attributes
    - Handling empty paragraphs and new lines
    - Processing footnotes and images for upload
    - Removing content using regular expressions
    - Allowing paste as HTML or plain text
    - Demonstrates cleanup process on a sample text paste:
    - Gradually adjusts settings to show cleanup effects
    - Displays changes in the pasted content's HTML code
    - Highlights benefits of JCE Editor's cleanup features:
    - Consistent formatting on Joomla sites
    - Easier for users to adhere to formatting guidelines
    - Encourages using JCE Editor to maintain consistent formatting and improve workflow.

Monday Maintenance 187


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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