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There are some instances where you do not need a firewall installed in your Joomla site. "When you don't need a firewall in Joomla" is what we're looking at in this Watch Me Work Live Stream.


  • The video discusses the need for a firewall in Joomla sites.
    - The speaker mentions his recent travel experience to illustrate the concept.
    - They argue that a firewall might not be necessary if there's already robust security in place on the server.
    - They share the security measures on their server, including a firewall, ClamAV antivirus scanner, and mod security rules.
    - They recommend protecting the Joomla administrator URL with a password for added security.
    - The video shows how to set up a password for the administrator folder in Joomla.
    - The speaker encounters a 404 error issue and explains how to fix it by editing the .htaccess file.
    - The additional security layer ensures that users must access the administrator folder before accessing the Joomla admin login, enhancing security.

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