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Some of your Joomla content that it is still current may look old and irrelevant in search engines if it has an old created date. Bring your content into the present to overcome that - and while you are it, maybe freshen some things up as you go. l





  • - Video focuses on making older Joomla content more relevant
    - Host: Tim Davis, Juma fan, Maintenance Monday #145
    - Announcement about ending newsletter contest, upcoming changes
    - Discussion on updating Joomla content dates for relevance
    - Importance of reflecting current content in search results
    - Demonstrates how to update article date and meta description
    - Talks about optimizing SEO titles for better search engine visibility
    - Example of updating content with images for social media sharing
    - Mention of updating aliases for better search engine recognition
    - Discusses organizing and updating large volume of content
    - Sharing of personal experiences with content refresh and updates

Monday Maintenance 145


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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