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You can now have module versions in Joomla 4 in a similar way you can have article versions. In this video we check out ModuleVersion from R2H.


- The video discusses a Joomla plugin called "Module Versioning" that allows saving versions of Joomla modules.
- The speaker introduces himself as Tim Davis, a Joomla fan, and offers Joomla site maintenance services.
- The video is sponsored by "," and viewers can get a free site audit for their Joomla site using the coupon code "basic joomla."
- The plugin is not yet available in the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) but can be downloaded from the R2H GitHub page.
- The speaker shows how to install the plugin on a Joomla 4 website by going to the "System" section and uploading the downloaded file.
- Once installed, users can enable the plugin and choose how many versions of a module to save (10 to 50).
- To save module versions, users go to the "Content" -> "Site Modules," edit a module, make changes, and then click "Save." The plugin will save the previous version.
- Users can view and restore previous module versions using the "View Versions" button.
- Two important points to note:
1. The plugin currently does not allow saving favorite versions, and versions beyond the set limit get dropped off.
2. The plugin may not back up certain fields if using tools like "Regular Labs Advanced Module Manager."

Note: The transcript includes some irrelevant details, greetings, and sponsor information, but the essential points about the Joomla 4 module versioning plugin have been summarized above.

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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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