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You log into your Joomla Admin area enough, so why not spiff it up with a custom logo and brand colours for your site or that of your client? How to make your Joomla Admin area look more like your own is what today's #maintenancemonday live stream is about.


 - Video is about branding or customizing Joomla admin template.
- Hosted by Jim with Tim Davis on Maintenance Monday #077.
- Discussion about changing colors and logo of Joomla admin template.
- Mention of reaching episode 100 soon, potential special plans.
- Overview of accessing admin templates through extensions dropdown.
- Highlighting Isis as the default admin template.
- Process of making a copy of the template for customization.
- Customization options include navbar color, header color, sidebar link color, login background color.
- Ability to upload and change logos in the template.
- Suggestion to use a logo graphic for interaction with users.
- Emphasis on customizing colors for branding and client satisfaction.
- Instructions to save changes and see immediate color updates.
- Discussion about glare from the window in the background.
- Mention of snowy weather conditions in Vermont.
- Questions and interaction with viewers in the chat.
- Mention of Chuck's Internet connectivity issues.
- Explanation of the collapse administrator menu option.
- Demonstration of setting the admin toolbar to a fixed position.
- Exploring the impact of changes on the admin interface.
- Mention of Mary's meeting with a client for a taco truck.
- Briefly touched on free nationwide long-distance calling in the US.

 Monday Maintenance 077


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Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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