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If you or others who add content to your Joomla site are visually impaired, one thing that may greatly assist you in using/seeing the editor in Joomla are the CTRL and "+" keys. How to use CTRL+ (and one other tip for adjusting the editor width if you are Using JCE Editor) is the topic of this Maintenance Monday live stream.



 - Video discusses making Joomla editors more accessible for visually impaired users.
- Host: Tim Davis, a Joomla enthusiast.
- The video is part of the "Maintenance Monday Live Stream" series (#093).
- The host addresses users' difficulties with Joomla editors due to visual impairment.
- Mention of Ctrl+ shortcuts to adjust display size.
- Explains Ctrl+ for zooming in, Ctrl- for zooming out, Ctrl+0 for default.
- Demonstrates how Ctrl+ works in the Joomla editor and on websites.
- Talks about screen tool tricks for better editor usage.
- Explains using Ctrl+ with JCE Editor and TinyMCE Editor.
- Discusses increasing the editor width in JCE Editor for better visibility.
- Points out the difficulties of a light gray background for visually impaired users.
- Discusses revisiting JCE Editor in future episodes for more exploration.
- Mentions an extension to aid visually impaired users in reading text on websites.
- Informs about upcoming episodes, changes in live stream schedule.
- Briefly mentions the "pick Wally" Joomla module for header pictures.
- Provides examples of using the "pick Wally" module for picture placement.
- Offers a link to download the "pick Wally" module for free.
- Responds to viewer question about Joomla's font library (Font Awesome).
- Suggests checking third-party templates for built-in Font Awesome integration.

 Monday Maintenance 093


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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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