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It was almost 2 years ago that R2H owner, Rick Spaan, introduced us to ImageManager and demonstrated this excellent tool for moving and managing multiple images in Joomla.

Version 2 is out and in this video we revisit this highly useful extension that allows you to move images around in your Joomla install without breaking their links in the articles in which they appear (and some other places too.)


 - Video discusses revisiting R2H Image Manager V.2 for Joomla.
- Presented by Tim Davis on YouTube live stream episode 93.
- The video is sponsored by, offering Joomla and WordPress site audits.
- R2H Image Manager is used to manage images in Joomla sites.
- It helps with bulk image moving, reorganizing, and tidying.
- Moving images can break links on the website, causing broken images.
- The tool can identify unused images in the Joomla site.
- The video demonstrates the need for image management.
- R2H Image Manager is much faster than version 1.
- The video briefly covers the extension's settings and features.
- You can enable colorblind mode and configure caching.
- It supports image compression using TinyPNG and TinyJPEG.
- The extension uses hashing for quick image retrieval.
- Users can set various options related to indexing and searching.
- You can skip tables and specify table sizes to avoid slowing down indexing.
- Options for uploading, creating folders, and managing unused images are available.
- The extension can identify images not used in the Joomla database.
- It's suitable for Joomla content and custom HTML modules.
- Compatibility with other extensions may vary.

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Written by:
Tim Davis is the founder and owner of Cybersalt.
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